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E-Hookahs: Many Flavors & Dense Vapor

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People all across the world are taking notice to the new hookah trend; a trend that many health advocates are far from excited about. Hookahs combust Shisha, which is a medley of tobacco with molasses and flavor additives. Just the combustion of tobacco yields nearly 7000 toxic chemicals, not including the sticky molasses and added chemicals that the producers of particular brands of shisha incorporate. In addition, tobacco contains nicotine, and because hookah-ing has become a hobby, many people who do not wish to smoke cigarettes or become dependent on nicotine find themselves trapped by an addiction that they never believed they would become subjected to.

There is good news for those who enjoy hookahs without the downfalls of hookahs- i.e. burning embers, whips, cords, scorching ceramic plates (nicotine) and needed assembly. Recently technology has spawned a new creation- meet the electronic hookah, or the “E-Hookah” as they are commonly called.

Hookahs pens are very similar to electronic cigarettes ( or “e-cigs”) and produce shisha-inspired flavors without the burning or the combustion of tobacco. Many people who have used e-cigs and who get tired of the same menthol and tobacco varieties love the unlimited flavor options, as new and exotic flavors are always emerging. Vendors are quickly taking notice to this new fashion, though only a few brands have mastered the best tasting e-hookah. Regardless, the E-Hookah trend is most likely here to stay.

Many companies carry these devices without nicotine. The added benefit of being able to puff on the flavored hookah without the addictive stimulant is a huge incentive for users. Zero nicotine e-hookahs have become popular for social smokers seeking more flavors, as well as this new generation of adults who are interested in innovative vapor technology, or VTM technology.

In addition, many are finding that these devices are far cheaper than traditional hookahs. Not only are the electronic hookah pens are cheaper, but require far less upkeep/burden. Instead of assembling an entire hookah station, fans can just whip the disposable device right from their pockets. Most hookah pens are disposable, though certain brands are now engineering rechargeable E-hookahs. Generally, the disposable versions are most preferred.

E-Hookahs are unlike electronic cigarettes in a few noteworthy areas. To begin, they draw much deeper than e-cigs. The vapor delivery is dense, more robust and they generally (if they even do) have less nicotine than what the average electronic cigarette user intakes. Some companies have higher amounts of nicotine, though it really depends on the website/store and the customer’s preference.

Flavors for E-Hookahs can be as simple as strawberry, mango and grape and can stem to exotic; for instance, we have seen banana nut bread and cinnamon Danish E-hookahs. Though these flavors are not traditional, they offer the same dense vapor delivery that the ancient hookah predecessor offered.

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E-Cigarettes do carry a few risks, same as any electronic device, really. However, there are a number of dangers that everyone has heard of, but aren’t very likely to happen, if at all. The biggest example of this is the exploding E-Cig.

This doesn’t really happen. E-Cigarettes have combusted and started fires from overcharging, or charging with the wrong cable. In general, every mishap with an ‘exploding E-Cigarette’ was completely preventable. There are a number of mistakes that people make that can end poorly for everyone involved. In fact, these hookah pen ladymistakes have caused numerous people injuries, permanent damage, and quite a bit of property damage. Unfortunately, many of the accidents were caused mainly by those hurt. It’s truly sad to say, but had many of them known the ins and outs of how E-Cigs work and what not to do, they may have avoided the damage caused by the E-Cigs they had.

To begin with, one of the first things that you’re going to need to know is that the charge cable that comes with the E-Cig is the only cable that you should ever charge your E-Cig or vaporizer with. The chances of an E-Cig, E-Hookah Pens, or vaporizer ‘exploding’ are next to zero, if not zero. However, a battery, whether it’s in an E-Cig or any other device, can combust suddenly if fed a charge that is too much for it. If the power going into the battery is too much then the battery will simply overload. It’s not a problem of E-Cigs – it’s a problem of batteries.

The second problem comes from charging in the improper place. By and large, E-Cigs come with a USB cable to charge it. The cable is meant to be used with whatever adapter it comes with. However, many people assume that a USB cable is usable in a computer or phone AC adapter – that’s not the case. Many E-Cigs and vaporizers use a battery that isn’t very powerful. The devices are pretty small, after all. Because of it, the amperage and voltage going through the charger for an E-Cig will be smaller than that of a cell phone or computer port that carries a rather sizable power capability.

The second cause behind ‘exploding’ E-Cigs is people playing around and tinkering with them. A modded E-Cig or vaporizer no longer has the capacity to really be safe. Modding, by it’s very nature, is not safe. If you ever mod an E-Cig, you’re taking matters into your own hands. That is your own prerogative.

No matter how it happens, ‘exploding’ E-Cigs are a myth. E-Cigs don’t explode or spontaneously combust. There is always a reason behind it, and 99% of the time it will be user error or misstep, not a fault in the device. Keep your wits about you, and you should never have any problems.

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