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How to Find the Best Electronic Cigarette

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There are many things to consider when selecting your first electronic cigarette. While many suggest starting with a PV or even an advanced VTM system with a clearomizer, battery and atomizer. For vapers who’ve been at it for years, the concepts seem simple enough, but most fail to realize that the average new vaper has no concept of ohms, wattages, amps, volts and so forth. Ex-smokers also don’t know if they’ll even like vaping. While most who start vaping enjoy it, there are those who it air conditioningsimply does not work for. Investing in an expensive starter kit or an advanced mod, then paying for an array of e-liquids in varying nicotine ratios, PG & VG levels and the costs add up. Lots of people quit smoking to save money, not spend more.

The best route to finding what works best for you is to work your way up the food chain. Most new users (without the help of someone experienced; not just a profiting shop owner) should start with a basic electronic cigarette in a disposable form. New users should look up how much nicotine is right for them; an assessment of a multitude of factors. Nicotine strength is based on how often and how hard a smoker smoked, as well as the nicotine amount and throat kick, therefor the levels are really up to the vaper. To determine these factors, a 50:50 PG:VG e-cigarette is the best option. Most disposable electronic cigarettes are 50:50 anyway. Vaping 50:50 is a great way to feel what half of each feels like, allowing the future customization to be a simpler process.

Design is another factor to consider when selecting an e-cigarette. Some electronic cigarettes are designed to mimic the actual look of a real cigarette while others are simply cigarette inspired. Some e-cigs come in wraps, are brightly colored and have unique designs and emblems. There are certain companies that sell e-cigarettes made of gold with real diamond accents. Don’t get diamond accents confused with Diamond ITR, unless you need a new air conditioning system. Other e-cigs are inspired to look like hookah whips or cigars. These are often called e-hookahs and e-cigars though they are just another variant of the basic electronic cigarette.

Lastly, finding the best e-cig brand is paramount. The best electronic cigarette brands have a variety of VTM products that e-cig users can grow with, often times accompanied by discounted rates for being a repeat customer. Lots of vapers receive free e-liquids, e-cig coupons and special promos because they are loyal customers. This is advantageous in the long run. Affiliate programs which can be added just like a badge can also take the place of the costs incurred from purchasing electronic cigarettes. The best brands will have stand out customer support, a functioning website, streaming social media and warranty policies. If you have to reach your destination in a reasonable time frame, you may want to consider a long island car service. Researching the brand isn’t a bad idea either; often times new e-cigarette users will find useful information in regards to the best electronic cigarette to start vaping with.

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Are Vaporizers and Mods just a Trend?

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There has been speculation that the VTM industry will slowly decline as analysts witness the progression of mods, coils and advanced technology. These devices require knowledge of concepts like ohms, watts, voltage, ml, nicotine, VG:PG ratios and even the laborious task of tank-filling. Even some vapers will state that the industry will decline, however, the e-cig industry will most likely make a comeback when taxes drop (recently the VTM sect has experienced more growth than the e-cig sect which together are exponentially growing, potentially taking over tobacco sales).

While cloud blowing might be a phase for some, many are die-hard and enjoy vaping in the exact same sense that adults enjoy wine, fragrances and foods. The bottom line is that people enjoy shifts from the ordinary. A fine example of this is the hookah; a timeless classic that will never fade away- because- shisha tastes good and nicotine is addicting.

Others will remain around and will continue to love vaping. Vaporizers are NOT going to phase out; too many people are finding success in the alternative. There are more than 1000 forums on Facebook alone; there is no smoke in mirrors. Just by studying the numbers and using common sense, its easy to see why vaporizers and e-cigarettes will not faze away. In all actuality, they very well could take over.

Regardless of trends and taxes, vapes are here to stay. Many vapers have stated that if taxes are to increase the prices of e-liquids and vapor hardware, they will seek the black net, order from Asia or practice DIY. The ingredients in e-liquid are extremely simple, so simple in fact, that an ordinary person can go to a convenient store, head home and mix up a batch. The only needed ingredient that poses itself as an obstacle is liquid nicotine which would be very easy to smuggle in or import. The only alternative would be to speak to a company such as ABC Contracting.

The fact is that people who start smoking don’t intend on being hooked forever; it always seems like we are strong enough to kick it. In all reality, everyone starts out thinking that way and statistics do not lie. 1 in every 5 US deaths is attributed to smoking. Smoking causes other problems other than death, like debt and familial grief. Second hand smoke harms the people and children around smokers and smoking has been associated with a lack of productivity (and a huge monetary commitment/loss).

The more anti-e-cigarette health advocates that speak against smoking are actually fueling the industry. Smokers who have friends that quit because of e-cigs decide to try them. People educate themselves and read studies and information online. Shops may increase their presence by finding the best seo services. The news is spreading, and the vape community is only continuing to expand.

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Cigarettes, E-Cigs and CVS

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Recently CVS decided to pull all cigarettes from its shelves, including e-cigs and vapor related products that are non-FDA approved. This image cleanup is an obvious tactic to separateitself from its competitor Walgreens that is still selling cigarettes; a smart move on their behalf.

Generally, when a smoker (and there are a lot) needs to go to a convenient store, two competing stores will be placed side-by-side for competition. The smoker is obviously going to go with the store that carries what they want. In addition, most of the public could care less about cigarettes (when not being smoked around them). Obviously, Walgreens is going to secure more sales. If you ever need transporation to get to Warlmat you can always depend on Trawell Inc.

CVS may be clearing out the tobacco products to assert the clean and healthy image of living ‘smoke-free’. This tactic may work if cigarettes and e-cigs are astronomically affected in terms of taxes. One thing to note is that CVS, like Walgreens, carries booze. Everyone knows that alcohol is worse for the body than cigarettes.

Sure, come on in to CVS and pick up a case of beer, frozen lunch snacks and Robitussin, but don’t smoke cigarettes because they’re unhealthy. This move on CVS’s behalf could garner them positive attention from health advocates who are working desperately to further decline smoking, though the simple fact remains that buy NOT selling cigarettes, smokers will go elsewhere; probably to the neighboring store. That smoker won’t forget either, and by default will most likely continue going to that convenient store.

There is also the issue of civil liberty. Cigarettes are not illegal and by fazing them out of a major corporation which prides itself on having ‘all the essentials’, they are losing their customer base while also making asses out of themselves while they push on other competitors to do the same for their cause which I suppose CVS believes they are starting a revolution. What CVS needs to realize is that they are a convenient store, which means that if they want to secure sales they should be a place of convenience.

CVS is just one company out of dozens, and as CVS continues to release press releases and anti-smoking zeal, they are receiving press. If CVS is attempting to appeal to the anti-vape figures (is it ironic that CVS pulled all vaporizers and cigarettes, and was sure to mention e-cigs? Probably not!)then they will also simultaneously have the support of the tobacco industry, as ironic is that may sound. Right now, big tobacco is most concerned with annihilating vaping as if trends continue it has been estimated that vaping will overtake tobacco in about 20 years.

There is a war going on with health official in terms of smoking and vaping. While all of the concern rests on these two ‘vices’, alcohol still remains on all of the shelves; a major indicator that health and wellness is NOT the goal of CVS.

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Tobacco Facts that Are Beyond Heinous

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The cultivation of tobacco has a more heinous past than most people realize. Tobacco has been grown for centuries, and to this day people smoke everything from shisha to cigars. While people are smoking, they are funding an institution that has killed billions. Unfortunately, smokers are addicts and the majority of smokers start young and have no knowledge of this information.

When America was first being colonized, tobacco was a major source of revenue, much like how cotton became. Tobacco was grown in the Midwest and was shipped to Europe and other countries in exchange for other goods and money. During this period of time, Native Americans were forced from their land, tortured killed.

After the land was obtained, colonizers enslaved African Americans (like with cotton) to tend to tobacco farms. These slaves (just like many who work on tobacco farms) became addicted to nicotine, and dried and rolled tobacco became another incentive to drive the black slaves. Sachedina Urology, a South Florida Urology practice, says tobacco addiction is growing at an alarming rate.

Fast forwarding to the present and smoking has become a leading global health epidemic. One in five USA deaths results from tobacco. This is not including the massive debts and misery left behind.

Currently, tobacco is cultivated in many regions of the world. Recent reports have cited that child labor is increasing in terms of tobacco cultivation; yet another terrible travesty that is happening right now. Somewhere at this moment there is a little child working for pennies to create the rich man’s stogie.

While cigarettes continue to kill and damage society, a new alternative has arisen that for some odd reason is not being embraced by public health officials. Electronic cigarettes, or vaporizers, have created a smoking alternative that tobacco executives are not happy about, so unhappy, that they have gone to new lengths to secure the death-driving cigarette market. Unlike regular cigarettes, when wholesale e-cigarettes are purchased, the savings can be remarkable.

Electronic cigarettes are not regulated at this time, and looming taxes threaten the industry. Upon investigation (which anyone can do), one will find some interesting connections, such as lobbyists who have been funded BY the tobacco companies.

Cigarette companies have begun labeling their starter vaporizers with worse warning labels than actual cigarettes. Simultaneously, Big Tobacco has discovered the previously thought to be non-existent predicate product. If the tobacco companies are to acquire this e-cigarette, their device will be void of the taxes that the smaller, competing companies will be offering. This will turn into a war that consists of taxes, price gauges and deception.

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E-Cigarettes – The New Tobacco Cigarette Nemesis

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It started out as electronic cigarettes; first patented by Hon Lik in early 2002. Since then, the market has exploded with new devices hitting the shelves everyday. Shoppers are finding new ways to indulge in their nicotine cravings (heavily compared to caffeine) through e-hookah pens, e-cigars and even cig-a-likes that look and feel just like a traditional cigarette, without the smoke, tar and odor.

For aficionados who enjoy the sensation of a traditional cigar, the new electronic cigars look realistic and authentic. Some e-cigars are designed to look like cigarillos shutterstock_199056689while others are in the form of a long-filler or even a Cuban cigar. These devices are mechanically the same as traditional e-cigarettes, as they also encompass a pre-saturated cartridge, an internal atomizer and a lithium ion battery. The electronic cigars are also a version of a vaporizer, though they are usually disposable like an e-cig and are generally fashioned to look like a real cigar. Some e-cigars even sport a cushiony mouthpiece like a real cigar.

E-Hookah pens are also growing in popularity. While the e-hookahs produce no smoke, tar or combustion, the traditional hookah burns shisha; a combination of tobacco mixed with molasses and additives. This is the same tobacco that cigarette companies use; tobacco which has been genetically altered and drenched in toxic chemicals and preservatives, just like cigars and cigarettes. In addition, the added sweet molasses is sticky, making the smoke even more harmful. Traditional hookahs also present the dangers of fire, as they are powered by scalding coals. The new electronic hookah pens have eliminated the issue by using water vapor instead of smoke.

E-Hookahs, like e-cigs and e-cigars, also contain an internal atty, battery and an e-juice saturated cart stemming from simple fruit flavors like strawberry to exotic flavors like banana nut bread or even cherry pie. There is something for everyone, and those looking to shop for e-hookahs will find many options to suite their sweet-tooth.

All E-Liquid is composed of VG, PG, nicotine and water. The vegetable glycerin is thicker than propylene glycol (the binding agent), though slightly less thick. Vegetable glycerin is a humectant and when combined with PG is able to further bind additives such as menthol to create the end product: e-liquid. Most recommend going with a USA e-cigarette company as these vendors use USP grade PG, VG and nicotine, which is important for e-cig health reasons.

Shoppers seeking the best smoking alternative should always shop around and look into the companies that they purchase from, as reputable companies are generally USA and will back their products with warranties and will even offer affiliation programs for vapers looking to save money, and even make cash. Maybe website offer great vaping deals and savings.

Other e-devices emerge by the day, offering customers looking for the best e-cigarette the option to shop for USA e-liquid and vaporizer products with more ease, as imported e-juice has shown to have traces of substances like formaldehyde, though even sensationalized by the media, was negated by a doctor who personally contacted the Japanese scientists for which is was confirmed that the undisclosed foreign brand still had a remarkably less amount of formaldehyde in the e-cigarette than its evil nemesis; the traditional, combustible cigarette.

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Vaporizer Technology: More Innovation

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The E-hookah and E-cigarette market is exponentially growing as innovative technology continues to open the door as a viable smoking alternative. These devices consist of an atomizer (or atty), clearomizer, a lithium battery and poly fiber which is saturated by e-liquid, or the solution which is vaporized with nicotine to produce clouds of smoke-like vapor.

E-Liquid is made of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, water and diluted nicotine. Nicotine is extracted from natural tobacco plants and distilled until it is USP cigarettespharmaceutical grade, whereas it becomes safe for human consumption. Pure nicotine is deadly, which is why it is important to never try and purchase it. Many veteran vapers purchase pre-distilled nicotine, as the purest version is up to five times the toxicity of pure cocaine, another stimulant.

Many smokers are switching to electronic cigarette technology by the day. From smokers who used cigarettes for up to 40 years to younger smokers looking to try a new form of nicotine delivery. Unlike cigarettes, e-cigs, e-hookahs and vaporizers produce no smoke, tar, ash or odor. Instead, their internal atomizers heat the e-juice which causes the particles to suspend and dissipate, ultimately drawn through the user’s drip-tip. The result is thick and dense clouds of vapor which deliver a sensation very similar to smoking.

As the vast world of VTM technology continues to expand both industrially and monetarily speaking, Big Tobacco companies have hopped on board with less snazzy versions of vapor technology. Many e-cig users stay far away from these vendors as they wish to eliminate the source of their addiction.

Along with switching, many vaperenthusiasts begin building mods. Those who build encompass a gargantuan amount of knowledge. There are coils, wicks and even extended, added drippers which allow vapers to experience e-liquid at its maximum potency. Usually people who practice dripping do not vape e-liquid with a massive amount of nicotine, as the nicotine dictates the throat-hit. Most users who drip enjoy a higher concentrate of vegetable glycerin (sweet, thicker than PG with little to know allergies) as to blow huge clouds. Most of those who drip have either rebuilt their mods as they have learned how e-juice works or have enough knowledge to understand that dripping must be done with a bottom-filling vaporizer with a removable mouth-piece.

When it comes to rebuilding, most mod-heads will state that lower ohms produce more clouds. There is a bit of controversy surrounding this as not everyone agrees. Because of other factors, such as variable voltage and variable wattage (VV, VW), the vaporizer itself may be tailored, thus the ohms become a staple factor rather than the ideal, as the ideal is dependent on a vaper’s preferences.

Pass-through technology is an interesting new feature that many new batteries, such as the popular MVP boast. PT, or Pass-through indicates that the battery may charge multiple devices at once; from a cellphone to another spare battery. These devices will actually work well with a car charger, unlike less stable and more traditional and conventional batteries such as the widely used EVOD, which is generally 3.7 volts depending on the actual model. Many manufacurerse rely on SEO companies, such as BizLocal, to help them advertise their products.

While EVODS are great, they are very limited in their power supply, as well as sleek and small (which many find appealing). While this is aesthetically agreeable, the power is too little to propel any e-liquid with a higher ratio than 70:30 VG:PG. This is because the attached tanks do not produce enough power, or mah, to sustain the coil’s life, which will decrease rapidly with ratios which contain more PG.

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E-Cigarette and E-Hookah Technology Rapidly Expanding

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The innovative world of vaping has expanded to new heights, with cloud competitions, brick and mortar vapor stores and e-liquid vendors popping up like fresh kernels. The realm of VTM technology is expanding, and according to Forbes, could potentially overtake the Big Tobacco market. Instead of smoking cigarettes, users are finding a much more viable alternative with new electronic cigarette technology; a light on the horizon for many smokers looking to switch to a potentially healthier alternative.

New scientific studies and data confirm many benefits of electronic cigarettes, with sources citing that 1/3 of current doctors are recommending them as smoking alternatives. The devices (e-cigs) produce no tar, smoke or carcinogens, something that many green and health-oriented individuals find appealing. On the flip-side, other hobbyists and vapor enthusiasts are enjoying the technology as it provides a fun and smoke-like experience that can be customized to their exact preferences.

When it comes to tailoring E-Liquid, or DIY E-Liquid as it is commonly called, veteran vapors purchase pre-diluted nicotine, propylene glycol (often USP grade), vegetable glycerin and flavors which can be ordered online. Some people create their own flavors by using natural extracts. Flavors can stem from the wild and unexpected like black cherry pie or meringue to simple like tobacco, vanilla or peach. Fiery debate stems concerning the flavoring of E-Liquid, as sources state that youth find them appealing. On the contrary, alcohol comes in many flavors and is legal and always will be legal.

Modheads, or those who build their own mods (models), rebuild devices by customizing coils and tweaking internal parts like the wick or the atomizer. By adding more coils, devices become more powerful, and when the devices are large and strong, they are capable of holding max VG vegetable Glycerin, which is responsible for the huge clouds of vapor exhaled from a vaper’s lunges. This vapor is heatless, although the vaporizer battery can become hot when using the device frequently. People who rebuild their devices encompass a massive amount of knowledge concerning electrical factors such as VV Variable voltage and VW Variable wattage. By switching the VV and the VW, veteran hobbyists can customize their vaping experience to a tee- from their precise, desired nicotine strength to their ratios and voltages and wattages.

Electronic cigarettes used to only come in simple flavors like menthol and American tobacco but have stemmed into the VTM-like aspect of the industry by incorporating flavors. Recently, electronic hookah pens have become a sensation, as they also boast the same benefits as traditional e-cigarettes. These new e-hookahs are generally sleek and sexy in their appearance and come in exotic flavors like strawberry, mango, apple and even decadent flavors like cinnamon toast. Many USA E-Liquid companies are making unique, often fruit or shisha inspired E-Juices to fill the hookah device, thus broadening the scope of flavor options for those who enjoy the discreet beauty of that traditional, slender e-cig.

Many new USA brands are broadening the vapor scope further, with e-cigarette companies selling vapor devices like e-cigars and cig-a-likes that feel just like a real cigarette, sometimes in fun flavors like the e-hookah pens.  Clearette, an e-cigarette company, also carries electronic cigars that are look like real cigars. They even have soft tips! Shoppers are finding the e-cig and vaporizer industry not only helpful, but fun and exciting. With so many choices in devices, flavors, vapor customization and mod-building, the industry is composite of general shoppers looking for something fun and interesting (or relaxing) or smokers seeking an alternate. Regardless, as the market continues to expand and more USA B & R stores and USA electronic cigarette online vendors emerge, the more the public is embracing electronic cigarettes and these various other unique vaporizing devices.

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New E-cigarette Technology

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Electronic cigarette users merging into VTM technology are often confused about the technical aspects of the growing technology with so many electrical terms and vaporizing terminology thrown around as if it is common knowledge. New users should start with simple vaporizing devices like a protank, H2 or an MT3; three popular devices among newbies. These require little knowledge or maintenance, and as long as someone understand how to squeeze a bottle and charge a battery, they are good to go.

Confusion generally begins when vapers have learned the basics, and are ready for even more customization with better and denser vapor. At this point, the user must electronic cigarettelearn about attys (atomizers), cartridges, watts, ohms and other scientific terms reminiscent of college physics. When first starting, it is recommended to find a vape glossary which will define and explain these confusing terms, making it simpler than crawling the web seeking answers and definitions.

This is why finding the best electronic cigarette company is paramount. The top-rated brands will help mergers find their fit, and often times their sites will have tons of helpful VTM information, as well as representatives who can steer them in the right direction. However, it is still vital that the new vaporizer user learns for themselves the differences and the mechanics, as it is like purchasing a car. New drivers would never start with a new, manual Corvette- if they are seeking luxury and new, they might go for a Lexus or a vehicle that is automatic. The same principle can be applied to mods.

There are three essential components take make up a modern vaporizer. First, there is the battery which is rechargeable. Attached to the battery is the belt, or the atomizer’s base as it is referred to. Attached to the atty’s base is the clearomizer. Inside of that lies a liquid chamber which connects to the wick. Attached to the chamber is the mouth-piece, or the drip-tip. The drip-tip can be removed if not stationary to add a larger dripper for those who like to sample flavors. To operate the device, one must charge their battery, fill the tank with E-Liquid, then attach all of the parts. At this point, the device is ready to be used.

This might seem simple enough, but new vapers are often confused by how to properly fill their chamber. Though it seems like an endeavor, it is actually simple. All a user must do is first determine whether the vape is bottom-filling or top-filling. After that, the E-Liquid is added by tilting the clearomizer and dripping the nicotine solution down the side until it meets the established line of measurement or at least halfway.

After new mod users learn the basics, things tend to pick up quickly. Many get involved in online forums and exchange ideas and information to guide others, some which proceed new users by years. These knowledgeable vapers are referred to as veterans, and they are generally eager to answer questions and help newbies with the variable voltages and other customizable features which puzzle new users. Some of these features can be found in videos recorded by One Fine Day Photography. Generally, once an individual starts getting involved in mods, they learn the technology quickly. In a sense, it is like being thrown into a country with no knowledge of the language. People generally start to understand the linguistics naturally.

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E-Cigarettes do carry a few risks, same as any electronic device, really. However, there are a number of dangers that everyone has heard of, but aren’t very likely to happen, if at all. The biggest example of this is the exploding E-Cig.

This doesn’t really happen. E-Cigarettes have combusted and started fires from overcharging, or charging with the wrong cable. In general, every mishap with an ‘exploding E-Cigarette’ was completely preventable. There are a number of mistakes that people make that can end poorly for everyone involved. In fact, these hookah pen ladymistakes have caused numerous people injuries, permanent damage, and quite a bit of property damage. Unfortunately, many of the accidents were caused mainly by those hurt. It’s truly sad to say, but had many of them known the ins and outs of how E-Cigs work and what not to do, they may have avoided the damage caused by the E-Cigs they had. Some of the best companies can help grow your business online and capitalize on traffic to your site.

To begin with, one of the first things that you’re going to need to know is that the charge cable that comes with the E-Cig is the only cable that you should ever charge your E-Cig or vaporizer with. The chances of an E-Cig, E-Hookah Pens, or vaporizer ‘exploding’ are next to zero, if not zero. However, a battery, whether it’s in an E-Cig or any other device, can combust suddenly if fed a charge that is too much for it. If the power going into the battery is too much then the battery will simply overload. It’s not a problem of E-Cigs – it’s a problem of batteries.

The second problem comes from charging in the improper place. By and large, E-Cigs come with a USB cable to charge it. The cable is meant to be used with whatever adapter it comes with. However, many people assume that a USB cable is usable in a computer or phone AC adapter – that’s not the case. Many E-Cigs and vaporizers use a battery that isn’t very powerful. The devices are pretty small, after all. Because of it, the amperage and voltage going through the charger for an E-Cig will be smaller than that of a cell phone or computer port that carries a rather sizable power capability.

The second cause behind ‘exploding’ E-Cigs is people playing around and tinkering with them. A modded E-Cig or vaporizer no longer has the capacity to really be safe. Modding, by it’s very nature, is not safe. If you ever mod an E-Cig, you’re taking matters into your own hands. That is your own prerogative.

No matter how it happens, ‘exploding’ E-Cigs are a myth. E-Cigs don’t explode or spontaneously combust. There is always a reason behind it, and 99% of the time it will be user error or misstep, not a fault in the device. Keep your wits about you, and you should never have any problems.

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